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Living Poor Can Make You Rich (or Poor people are…)

Poor people are…(fill in the blanks)

How would you “fill in the blanks”?  I will share my answers in a moment.

I want to begin this post by letting you know that I grew up fairly well-off financially – especially for the small town in which I was raised.  My parents were both teachers and while we struggled a bit in the early years, financially speaking our situation got better pretty quickly.

By many standards, the house where I grew up was nice; the neighborhood was filled primarily with college-educated, fairly affluent citizens.

In 1989, I started my college career.  In 1994, I graduated having studied a pre-med curriculum.  My intent was to go on to medical school, and part of the reason for me doing so was the money and prestige that comes with that place in society.  I didn’t make it to medical school.

Know what?  I’m glad I didn’t.  Prestige, power, and dollars can be a pitfall for some.  I know they were for me.  And, they all led to one combined thought, feeling, and attitude:  “I’m better than you are.”

Shrugging that superiority complex has been a long, difficult process.  I thank numerous people for helping me along the way – too many people to count.  I also thank my disorder.  Without it, I would most likely be a very different person, a person that today’s version of me would have trouble looking at in the mirror.

One of the best things to come out of my schizophrenia experience can be summed up in one sentence: I’m not important.

Maybe a more politically correct sentence would be:  I’m no more important than anyone else.  And, even when I had money, I was no important than anyone else. 

That is one very important lesson that I have learned by living poor.

So, here are my “fill in the blanks,” kind of a before and after snapshot:


Poor people are – lazy, dirty, needy, unworthy of respect, less important, dangerous


Poor people are – not necessarily lazy or dirty, not always needy*, definitely worthy of respect, equally as important as anyone else, humble, oftentimes brutally honest, community-driven (we tend to take care of each other), no more dangerous than the rest of the population, just trying to survive like most everyone else

*I put this asterisk after “not always needy,” because some poor people are in fact needy.  However, that isn’t always our fault.  Sometimes, due to disability or societal constraints and discrimination, we don’t get that lucrative job or that well-deserved promotion.  Besides, when it comes to “needy,” can you say “corporate welfare”?

In closing, many good things have happened to me because I am financially poor.  I have definitely seen another side of life.  And, this experience has made me richer than I have ever imagined I would be.

Hope you enjoyed this weekend’s offering and that you are well.

Take care and best wishes…


Update: The Good, The Better, and The Best!

Hello, All!  Nice to see that we have some new faces here.  Just want to give everyone a great big THANK YOU!! for stopping by my blog.  I really do hope that the information you find on here is worthwhile to you.

And now for a less topic-driven post, an update on how and what I am doing:


This is really good news that I just received yesterday.  It was something I already kind of knew but to hear it from my psychologist was very gratifying and rewarding.  What did he say?

“You’re stable.”

Sigh.  I feel good.  The fight has been worth it.  There are still challenges that I face, but most of those seem to be related to my goals and ambitions for the future (more on that in a bit).

So, I’m stable. I mean, I’M STABLE!!  🙂  I owe a great big thanks to a lot of people.  One of those persons is a past psychologist of mine who allowed me to grow and explore and believe in myself.  Dr. Nancy, if you’re reading this, thank you.  It was my pleasure to work with you.  You taught me a great, great deal.

And, although we’re no longer on speaking terms, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my biological family.  Although our relationship may be irreparable, there were times when they tried.  And that is worth noting.

Lots of others I’d like to thank.  My South Carolina friend.  My California chat buddy…especially her, because of the crap she puts up with me!  (wink)  And, all of my friends from the NAMI message boards.  Thanks to everyone there, too!  And, to those of you who have spent time on my blog…thanks.


Yes, it gets better!  I’m going back to school in the spring!  Going to take Introduction to Business, and if all goes well with that course, I’ll go for an advanced accounting certificate.  So, I am very excited about that!  🙂


The best by far?  I get to see my daughter today.  That’s way better than any of the other great things that are happening in my life right now.

Hey, I hope that you are doing well…or at least okay.  And, if you are struggling on this day, please drop me a line.  You can post a comment here or I’ll leave my e-mail address at the end of this post.  If I can, I will try to help.  After all, we have two hands…one for helping ourselves and one for helping others (Audrey Hepburn said that).

Take care and best wishes…


Your brain by the numbers

This is an incredible graphic! Enjoy!

The Brilliant Blog Award


Recently, a very kind poster nominated me for “The Brilliant Blog Award”.  This is the first award this blog has received and my first personal award since my 4th Grade Scholarship Award at Lincoln Elementary School!  LOL  🙂

I am very pleased to accept this award and very thankful to the blogger who nominated my blog!  Thank you so much!

Link back to person who gave me the award:

MM172001’s Blog

Rules for Accepting the Nomination:

  1. Write an acceptance speech, linking back to the person who gave it to you.
  2. Write 7 things you believe in.
  3. Give the award to as many brilliant blogs as you would like to share the love.

For acceptance speech, please see above.  🙂

7 Things I Believe In

  1. Humanity’s ability to adapt, innovate, and solve.
  2. Pets (especially dawgs…ruff!!)
  3. Nature – because without nature, humans wouldn’t have a natural set of checks and balances
  4. Perseverance – all of the smarts and talent in the world don’t make up for an abundance of this trait
  5. Resiliency – close to “perseverance” but a bit different.  Put the two together and you’ll find a survivor
  6. Trust first…until or unless that trust is broken.  And, then allow for second chances.
  7. Hope.  With it, anything is possible.  Without it, nothing is.
  8. Love.

*Will have to get back to you on nominating other blogs for this award!  🙂

The Quicksand of Insanity

This was not the pressure you feel before a big exam, an important job interview, or a first date. That’s apprehension and anticipation. This pressure was complete physical pain, more consuming than a mile-wide F-Five twister barreling down on an unincorporated settlement, more enduring than being stripped and strapped to a hornet’s nest, a stinging purgatory from which no escape is possible.

It was as if, over the years, a pair of vise grips had been built just inside my cranium, and slowly but persistently – one turn at a time – my brain was being squeezed from all sides. I was certain cerebral matter would spurt out of my ears and erupt from my scalp, spewing its neurotransmitters and myelin to volcanic heights before falling down upon me, a sadistic gift from my body to my soul.

I fought it. Damn, how I fought it. I struggled to keep my head above but, once there, I couldn’t breathe. And the more I fought, the more I gasped for breath, and I just wanted the pain to stop. Someone, please make the pain stop. And I fought. And fought. And fought…until I couldn’t fight any longer. Seemingly, escape was beyond my grasps and, as the vise turned one more time and then another, deeper and deeper I sank into the quicksand of insanity.

I let myself be consumed. Willingly – desperately – sinking into the soothing warmness of the quicksand, I let it consume me because fighting it was to no avail. Completely submersed in its heavenly muck, I finally caught my breath. And it felt sooooo good.

The pain subsided momentarily. Complete deliverance would have been too merciful, but the vise grips loosened their hold a few turns. A morbid breath of oxygen filled my hungry lungs, and a modicum of relief abated my suffering. Then, as soon as I caught my breath, a ledge – a feeling from a long ago time when I knew killing was wrong – appeared in the pit, and some masochistic force coerced me to push with all my might on that ledge. First, I caught my footing and made sure the ledge was stable. Then, with a strength I had never experienced, I pushed…up, up, and up until my head broke the surface, where the F-Five twister and the hornets were waiting. And – once more – I could not breathe. The vice-grips tightened, one turn at a time.

February 14, 2002


Puns save lives.

G. de Suys

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