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I do not live near normal

I do not live near normal
Or so I have been told
The mantra is quite numbing
And it is getting fairly old

I live someplace else
In a land far, far away
I don’t really like it there
Have an inkling that I won’t stay

To say this land is different
Its secrets being quite wondrous
Would never be quite accurate
Would never do it justice

The pace is very quick
In my far away abode
With minds ever racing
Be careful where you strode

For evil is ever lurking
‘Round corners here and there
Nefarious little imps
Will catch you with their glares

You’ll think that they are watching
Every move you make
They’ll meet you and they’ll greet you
And they’ll eat you with some cake

And they know your every thought
Broadcasting them as you will
They know them when you’re busy
They know them when you are still

But I have found a safe place
Apart from this land of woe
A haven in the midst
Of a mind that goes to and fro

This place has even a name
Six, one, seven, zero, one
And even though an oasis
My work is not yet done

For though I don’t live in normal
My address is quite formal
It’s in Bloomington, Illinois
Which is pretty damn near Normal

September 07, 2011



Puns save lives.

G. de Suys

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