Tonight, I had a conversation with myself. It went like this:


“What good does carrying all that anger do?”

“Not much,” I replied.

“What can you do to lighten that load?”

“I’m not sure.”

“C’mon, think. Don’t be lazy; this is important.”

“Okay, I could talk about it in therapy.”

“All right! That’s a start, but try to think of something more original.”

“I could smile more.”

“Sure! Go for it. But dig a little deeper. What can you do that would help you feel less angry all the time?”

“I’m not sure.”

“C’mon man, think!”

“Well, I hear a lot about random acts of kindness…”

“You’re on the right track!”

“Hey, I know!”


“I could practice kindness!”

“Yes! And how are you going to do that?”

“I could have a Kindness Quota.”

“You bet you could! What would that look like?”

“I could start by doing one act of kindness a week.”

“Just one a week?”

“Hey, cut me some slack. I’m a beginner.”



An underdog huddles while
The troops muster for war
Coach Cooper barks to his team
What’s the fucking score?!

A soldier with a heavy heart
Lies drably across his pack
As the coach beseeches his players

A comrade spots the soldier
With his hands cupping his head
The coach shouts to his assistant
Put Number 20 in, instead!!

The game that they are playing
Is against a hated crosstown rival
The soldier’s friend walks nearer
To him, this is survival

What’s wrong, he asks his friend
Already knowing the answer
Coach C demands more effort
Even though he is dying from cancer

He told his team last night
That he was battling for his life
Right after he told his daughters
His mother...and his wife

I don’t know if I can do this
The soldier’s voice is weak
As tears form in their ducts
And fall upon his cheeks

Get over here, Number 20!
Her name is Margie Brown
I want just one more moment
With my child to clown around

I know, his friend says softly
So that no one else can hear
We’re underdogs in this game!
We have no time for fear!!

I know, Coach C, I know
Margie Brown begins to weep
Being soldiers isn’t easy
When there are many mines to sweep

Then the coach pulls Margie aside
As the First Sergeant overhears the two
I know this isn’t easy
For me and neither for you

At ease, the First Sergeant says
His eyes a glassy blue
I know this isn’t easy
For me and neither for you

But I need you to be sharp
And ready for the kill
Now, get out there and fight and


the local
labeled me:


she even nailed a sign
on my cage, saying so
so i busted the
shit out of my cage and
burned the fucker down, i
escaped the zoo
now i’m no longer


may 29, 2015

Kind of Like Kin (and Barbary)

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His truth is marching on.

Written in 2008

Eugen Bleuler, Part 4: Autism

In one of my earlier blog posts, I gave you an insider’s look into what goes through the mind of a person who has paranoid schizophrenia. More appropriately, I gave you my experience. It was scary. If you haven’t read that post, or you don’t recall it well, I would recommend rereading at least the first part of it. This will help you understand the fourth component that Bleuler talked about when describing schizophrenia: Autism.

Here’s the link to that post: An Insider’s View of Schizophrenia

In posting Bleuler’s A’s, I have not done much research on them. In fact, all I have done is to take each A and put my spin on them. Spin may not be the most appropriate term. Perhaps, these are my theories of what they each mean as it pertains to my experiences. So, I do not have a clue as to what Bleuler saw in each of the A’s.This last A is no different.I have struggled a bit to figure out and describe what I think of when I hear the word “autism” used to describe schizophrenia.

This last A is no different. I have struggled a bit to figure out and describe what I think of when I hear the word “autism” used to describe schizophrenia. Through the lens of my experiences, I view autism as it pertains to my disorder as having the following equation:

Too many stimuli = withdrawal into own little world/existence (solipsism)

In fact, I would go so far as to say that an overload of stimuli causes the person who has schizophrenia to withdraw. The more stimuli that are present, the more withdrawn we become.

Imagine being in that land where you stick out and where everyone is your enemy (especially those trying the most to help you). [See “HALFTIME” for a more in-depth explanation of what I am talking about.] At first, you are paranoid of others, frightened that some psychological or physical harm will come about. Then, the people in this land begin to recognize you as being an outsider, and they begin coming toward you. Perhaps, only a few approach in the beginning, but even these few are alarming, and you begin to withdraw.

Next, these people, natives of the land in which you are trapped, begin to multiply. They come from every direction, and they bombard you with one of two things: (1) real psychological or physical harm, or (2) real caring, concern, and love, which are equally threatening to you because they are your enemies and are not to be trusted. Their concern is a veil, and underneath that veil lays danger and harm. They multiply more…and more, and more, and more, and more, until not only are you a stranger in their land but now you are a stranger in their land who has been recognized as a foreigner and who must be exterminated. There is no avoiding the inevitable. Every avenue of escape is beyond your grasps, and you are unable to fight back, because you lack that ability, because fighting back would be one of the most overwhelming social interactions you could possibly endure. How would you react?

Most people who are unfortunate enough to have this experience withdraw into their own little world, the world of hypnotic nothingness. There is no feeling in this world. There is very little, if any, thinking in this world. It is as if your faculties have shut down. The engine ran out of oil and fuel and simply stopped working. You become frigid and still. Someone could poke you with a sharp knife, and it is likely that you wouldn’t react. You would be frozen with fear. That is what this last A meant to me.

Thank you for reading this series. I hope it helped you understand schizophrenia a bit better.



Puns save lives.

G. de Suys

poet/playwright contact: © 2018


Poetry, free verse, haiku, senryu, photography, books, art, philosophy , nature, literature.


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